Officers of the Oakland University AAUP Chapter:

Executive Director:Scott Barns(248)
President:Amy Pollard(2021)(248)
Past President:Thomas Discenna(2020)(248) 
Vice President:(2020)
Treasurer:Joy Ruihua Jiang(2021)(248)
At-Large Member:Shawn McCann(2020)(248)
At-Large Member:Karen Miller(2021)(248)
At-Large Member:Michael Latcha(2020)(248)
At-Large Member:Doug Wendell(2020)(248)
At-Large Member:Donna Voronovich(2020)
At-Large Member:Helen Levenson(2021)(248)
At-Large Member (SL):Allison Bohn(2021)
Contract Officer:Diane Hartmus(2019)(248)
Grievance Officer:Kevin Murphy(2019)(248)
Assistant Grievance Officer
Nominations welcome
MI-AAUP State Representative
Michael Polis
Committee R: Relations with the Michigan Legislature
Nominations welcome
Committee A: Academic Freedom and Due Process
Nominations welcome
Committee W: Status of Women in the Profession
Nominations welcome
Committee T: University Governance
Nominations welcome