The OU-AAUP Advisory Forum

In 2013 the OU-AAUP membership changed and extended the role of the Bargaining Forum, a representative body that formed in bargaining years to advise the Negotiating Team, into a permanent Advisory Forum. The role of this organization is two-fold: first, it serves as a conduit for information between the Negotiating Team and the membership, second, it provides an on-going venue and direct link to the chapter's Executive Committee for discussing and clarifying what are the main concerns of the faculty. It is the most important force for democratization of our AAUP chapter.

How is the Advisory Forum created? The Advisory Forum is chaired by the Vice President of the AAUP chapter unless the VP is a member of the Negotiating Team (in that case, the President appoints another member of the Executive Committee to chair the Forum).  During bargaining years, all members of the Negotiating Team serve as ex-officio members. Every academic unit, and the group of Special Lecturers, is allocated one representative to the Advisory Forum for each 20 members (or fraction thereof). Each unit is responsible for selecting those members. At-large members shall be selected by and from each of the groups of department chairs and untenured faculty.

When does the Advisory Forum meet? The Advisory Forum meets approximately once per month. During bargaining years, the members of the Advisory Forum may be asked to meet more often for consultation with the Negotiating Team.

What does the Advisory Forum discuss? Advisory Forum meetings will focus on issues presented by the members of the Advisory Forum, AAUP Executive Committee and the Negotiating Team during bargaining years. These issues normally concern university governance, benefits structure, tenure and promotion procedures, and salary, but are not limited to these categories.

Why are these discussions important? To represent our interests in the contract, members of both the Negotiating Team and Executive Committee must listen to a wide spectrum of opinion from the faculty. They must understand what is important to the membership as a whole. Moreover, they need to understand how the interests of different groups within the faculty can be balanced. By meeting regularly with a broadly constructed group like the Advisory Forum, they will be better equipped to negotiate a contract that reflects the goals of the entire faculty. Every unit has the right to express its concerns and goals for the next three years.

What duties are Advisory Forum Representatives expected to perform? Representatives are expected to attend scheduled forum meetings, present their unit's questions and concerns at those meetings and share a summary or review of the key information to come out of those meetings with members of their units.

2023-24 Advisory Forum

Chair: Caitlin Demsky, Advisory Forum Chair
Secretary: Jacob Becker

Scheduled meetings, Fall 2023 (all virtual):
Monday, September 11, 2023, noon
Tuesday, October 17, 2023, noon
Wednesday November 15, 2023, noon
Thursday December 14, 2023, noon

Advisory Forum Representatives:

Eye Research Institute (1)Ken Mitton
Library (1)Molly McGuire
School of Business Administration (4)Ramanadeep Sandhu
Austin Murphy
Steve Stanton
Kasey Tomlin
School of Engineering and Computer Science (3)Debatosh Debnath
Osamah Rawashdeh
Dan DelVescovo
School of Education and Human Services (4)Brian Taber
Rebecca Leigh
Danielle Ligocki
School of Health Sciences (2)Caress Dean
Sumit Dinda
School of Nursing (2)Sarah Newton
Patrick Kennedy
Department of Art and Art History (1)Colleen Ludwig
Department of Biological Sciences (2)Chhabi Govind
Rasul Chaudhry
Department of Chemistry (1)Jessica Koppen
Department of Communication and Journalism (2)Rob Sidelinger
Christine Stover
Department of English (2)David Shaerf
Annie Gilson
Department of History (1)Getnet Bekele
Department of Linguistics (1)Jason Overfelt
Department of Mathematics and Statistics (2)Laszlo Liptak
Eddie Cheng
Department of Modern Languages and Literatures (1)Adolfo Campoy-Cubillo
School of MTD, Dance (2)Tony Guest
Thayer Jonutz
Department of Philosophy (1)Paul Graves
Department of Physics (1)David Garfinkle
Department of Political Science (1)Cody Eldredge
Department of Psychology (1)Dean Purcell
Department of Sociology, Anthropology, Social Work, and Criminal Justice (2)Jacob Becker
Wendi Johnson
Department of Writing and Rhetoric (1)Lori Ostergaard
Special Lecturers Francine Guice, SBA / M&M
Melissa Curtis-Hendley, SEHS / D of OL
Holly Greiner-Hallman, CAS / Biology
Caterina Pieri, CAS / DMLL
Eugene Clark, CAS / A&AH
Amanda Novak, SON
Mike Long, SEHS / D of OL
Karen Brehmer, CAS / W&R
Tara Gardner, CAS / DMLL
Molly Breannan, SHS